Black Cirrus No.2 Hand Steamer


The Steamery Cirrus 2 travel steamer is a sustainable alternative to both ironing and washing, offering a convenient way to keep your clothes fresh and crumple-free even after several wears. It’s also very portable and perfect to take on the road as a way of restoring the natural drape of your clothes after they’ve been packed in a suitcase.

How it works

The hot steam lifts textile fibres – instead of pressing them down like an iron – and makes them swell and regain their natural shape. It’s as simple as filling the detachable water tank, turning it on, waiting 30 seconds and then running the steamer along your clothes. A single shirt only takes a couple of minutes.

Environmental benefits

  • Less washing = less energy
  • Less washing = less water consumption
  • Less washing = fewer chemicals introduced to the water system
  • Less washing = a longer lifespan for each piece of clothing, and therefore less waste

In stock


Material: 100% linen. All of the flax used in our linen is grown in Belgium & northern France. The linen is made by Baird McNutt in Northern Ireland and/or Belgian Masters of Linen®, Libeco. Manufactured in London by Tower Garments. Collected by hand.

Detailing: Buttons by Form Buttons in Turkey, made of urea. Cotton labels by Perfect Labels.

Packaging: Brown paper mailing bags from Kite Packaging. Postcards made by using Fresco Gesso paper. Biodegradable stickers from InkReadible.

Shipping and Returns

Shipping in the UK via Royal Mail First Class and Next Day Tracked at check out. Returns can be made within 28 days of purchase. Check out the Terms & Conditions page for more detail.



The gold standard for washing our linen shirts is a cold wash (max 30), followed by a hang dry. DO NOT tumble dry. We recommend ironing the shirt while it’s slightly damp & inside out. Linen is anti-bacterial therefore no need to over wash your shirt, we' suggest 3-5 wears between washes.


Dry clean only. We recommend spot cleaning with a damp cloth where possible and only dry cleaning if absolutely necessary.


Machine wash on 30 degrees or below. We recommend spot cleaning with a damp cloth for the first few months and only washing if absolutely necessary. Give them a good shake out after a wash and iron inside out if you want them totally crease free. DO NOT tumble dry