The FL Team Picturebook

Linen, worn and loved.

We make a point of wearing pieces that have already been broken in whenever we're on shop duty. We eschew the more standard practice of wearing box-fresh items for a couple of reasons. 

We talk a big game about how clothes should last a long time, and rather than just say it, we also like to show it. Want to know what a Railway Jacket looks like after a few years of constant wear? Want to see how the colour softens on a pair of Patch Pocket Trousers after a couple seasons in the sun? 

Natural fibres - and especially high quality linens - look better with time. Wear and tear is more friend than foe. The fabric relaxes fractionally, the patina of age sets in, and it becomes an absolute joy to wear. To celebrate the beauty of well-worn linen, the Flax London team put on some of our favourite Spring outfits and wandered around a sunny Notting Hill to snap a small picturebook with Martha's film camera.

Martha wears an Oatmeal Railway Jacket.

Linen always

George, Callum, Martha and Hector.

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