Our Fabrics

Below you’ll find a run-down of the fabrics we’re using in our AW22 collection. We pride ourselves in the breadth and scope of the linens we use across our range of clothing. We’re only scratching the surface of what’s possible with linen, but we’ve already got some options that might take you by surprise.

Irish Heavy Shirting Linen

A suiting linen repurposed for shirting and maybe even better in the latter form. The fabric will soften and develop a unique patina with wear. It’s made by Baird McNutt, a Northern Irish mill that uses 100% renewable energy and focuses on minimising the impact and quantities of its water usage.

Content – 100% linen
Weight – 228gsm
Origin - Baird McNutt, Northern Ireland
Usage – Heavy Linen Signatures, Grandpas and Smocks.

Irish Upholstery Linen

Unless you've already got one of our Heavy Railway Jackets, this hefty canvas linen will be like nothing you've ever felt in clothing. It's substantial weight gives it a purposeful drape that retains its overall shape nicely. It’s another linen by Northern Irish experts, Baird McNutt. 

Content – 100% linen
Weight – 500gsm
Origin - Baird McNutt, Northern Ireland
Usage – Heavyweight Railway Jackets.

Bespoke Checks and Stripes.

New for AW22, our Checks & Stripes all hail from Emblem Weavers in the Republic of Ireland. For starters, these bespoke fabrics are the first heavy linens we’ve ever used that aren’t a plain colour. Secondly, they’re technically special fabrics thanks to their cross-dyed plain weave construction and laundered finish. Their handle is totally unlike anything we’ve come across before.

Content– 100% linen
Weight– 218gsm
Origin- Emblem, Ireland
Usage– Rust stripe, Olive stripe, Black Watch Check and Golborne Check in Signature and Grandpa styles.

Linen Wool

This is our first foray into the world of linen-wool blends, but we knew when we laid eyes on it that we had to put it to good use. While the primary material is linen, a noticeable contribution of wool in the weft lends it a density and texture that makes these a proper winter trouser. 

Content– 70% Linen 30% Wool
Weight– 300gsm
Origin- Libeco, Belgium
Usage– Double Pleated Trousers

Belgian Stonewashed Linen

This linen is definitively our most texture-heavy fabric. The stonewashing process confers a matte finish and unique handle that differentiates it from its more uniform, plain weave cousins. The fabric is made by Masters of Linen® certified producer, Libeco. A fifth-generation family run mill that’s carbon neutral and uses a zero-waste production process.

Content – 100% linen
Weight – 220gsm
Origin - Libeco, Belgium
Usage – Bomber Jackets, Patch Pocket Trousers & Shorts.