Three styles, multiple colours, and exclusively high-grade linen. Our Autumn shirt collection uses 100% Irish linens, carefully selected for their eco credentials and long-lasting quality. Every shirt is made in London and the process is plastic-free from the factory to your door.  

Signature Shirts

Our classic shirt with a regular collar that sits with purpose but not to the point of distraction.

Grandpa Shirts

The collarless version of our classic shirt. Its collar stand is meticulously designed to be a feature without sitting too proud from the neckline.

Long Sleeve Smocks

With its five-button half placket and single tab cuffs, the Long Sleeve Smock is a popover that represents something just a little bit different to a classic shirt. 

Short Sleeve Smocks

An oversized fit tailor made for easy-wearing summer style. Short sleeves combine with a half placket and midsize buttons for something a bit different.

Cuban Collar Shirts

Also known as a camp collar or revere collar shirt, the Cuban is characterised by its flat, double-notch collar and iconic cut that’s slightly more cropped than a traditional button up shirt.